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1. When do these platforms have been established?


It has been established in 2009, in Sydney Australia. It has already processed of over $7 billion in sales. This company has over 370 employees. This has been voted as the top places to work.


It has been established in 2004. It has already processed of over $17 billion in sales and is now serving to over 275,000 online stores. This company is always won awards for its excellence. It also been featured in many publications and had been voted as one of the Most Innovative Companies.


BigCommerce and Shopify have the same pricing. The only difference is that the BigCommerce plans are dependent on how much yearly turnover you have. Like for instance, when you get the plan at $29, you can’t be able to make over $50,000 in sales annually unless you upgrade to a larger plan.


Both bigcommerce vs shopify reviews have the beautiful interface that is so easy to use. You won’t need any additional software in building your online store. You will be carefully guided by its ‘paint by numbers’ step by step guidance to everything you need to easily set up your online store rapidly. You will no longer need any programming knowledge as the whole process is point and click. Both interfaces of the software are very easy to use and very user friendly.


This is very important to consider. It can be so frustrating to get answers because of several companies outsourcing the customer service. However, both Shopify and BigCommerce have competent customer supports. They both serve 24 hour supports. But unlike Shopify, BigCommerce don’t have their phone support or live chat provisions, but still they are quick to respond to emails.

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Read French Wine for a Flat Belly Reviews and Find Out How to Lose Belly Fat While Sleeping

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There are so many weight loss products out there.  All these products are claiming instant results.  If you are looking for a product that will help you lose weight and get rid of your belly fat, you should be very careful.

Proceed With Caution:  Read French Wine for a Flat Belly Reviews

How can you be careful when choosing which of the many weight lose products are really effective in shedding the unwanted pounds and trimming your belly fat?

There are many ways. However, reading several french wine for a flat belly reviews is a good suggestion; especially if you know what you are looking for.

  • Are you looking for a weight loss product that has been tested clinically? Any french wine for a flat belly reviews will tell you that french wine for a flat belly has been proven to be safe and natural way to burn belly fat.
  • Are you looking for a weight loss product that can burn fat easily and make you shed pounds fast? Follow the strong recommendation of french wine for a flat belly reviews and drink french wine for a flat belly. Drinking the suggested amount of french wine for a french wine for a flat belly reviews can make you lose at least 30 pounds in 30 days.  By taking french wine for a flat belly you shed 2 pound off of you belly fat overnight.

No Pills:  Just French Wine for a Flat Belly

Keep on reading those french wine for a flat belly reviews and you will also find out that when you drink french wine for a flat belly there is no need for you to gobble up drugs and weight loss pills.  And you know what the best part is?  With french wine for a flat belly there is no need to diet and count your calories.

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What You Need To Know Before Starting A Business

Friday 13 January 2017 kl. 03:42

Are you planning to start a business? Probably, starting a business may sounds like a lot of fun and adventure. But keep in mind; before you start your own business, you have to consider many things that you need. Many businesses were failed, not because of lack of money, but because of lack of planning. It is advisable to have a short term and 5 year business plan before starting your business. More information on Founder Documents UK on

First thing, if you want to learn how to make an effective business plan, check and search online, as there are many places where you can get help on the internet. It is great if you need the 5 year plan sooner than what you think, as this means that your business is quickly growing. But if you’re not prepared for the growth, then this can kill your business. Just imagine how terrible it would be to lose your own business due to rapid growth and success, but you are not prepared for it. Can you imagine that? It is horrible, isn’t it?

Another thing, starting your own business takes a lot of your time and dedication. Most of the people who begin a business do this, because these people want more free time. In fact, the extra free time will come much later. Expect this thing; if you begin a business, you need to work almost every day, working from the sun gets up until the sun gets down. You must be willing to give up your lifestyles and hobbies including your family time, temporarily.

Moreover, this thing is very important; you must have the money to spend to making money. At first, your business may not be that profitable. However, you need to invest your money for good advertisements. You must be willing to pound the pavements to drum up your business. You have to hire a professional graphic designer and invest for good marketing materials. You can successfully start a business with some time, and some elbow grease.

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So How Exactly Does Phen375 Weigh Up With Traditional Dieting

Friday 13 January 2017 kl. 03:07

I am a mother of 3, on my very first two babies it was simple for me to acquire back into my excellent weight and shape and it has amazed a good deal of girls how I did it. Just a little exercising and some wholesome low barb food does the trick. But after my third childbirth, it seemed that I am possessing difficulty to have back into shape and type.

I do not know if it is due to the third, or my metabolism slowed down or because of growing old. But then I continued my cardio workouts and some physique firming exercising however the result is very slow and little to none. Within a way, it discouraged me and sort of depressed me a bit but I'll not stop in on the lookout for techniques and indicates to acquire back into my usual weight and have that great looks.

A pal of mine has been reading phen375 benefits and has been recommending it to me. Ultimately, with the stress and difficulty I'm going into now, I decided to give it a look, I purchased the phen375 and use it every single single day and continued with my workout routine. I noticed that within a couple of weeks, my pants loosened up and my legs, buttocks and hips began to firm up and glow.

This is superior news I suppose, since it took me numerous months of functioning out and watching what I consume but just incredibly little result. Before, as I continued usingphen375 for about six months I was back into shape or should I say I look way better than. This product is astounding and it have delivered wonders to a lot of users like I and myself would surely suggest this item to my family and colleagues also.

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